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Spring Skiing

It’s about time to get those last few ski trips in as the winter winds down! Whether you’re coming to the mountain for Spring Break or just to enjoy skiing in the warm weather, there are a couple of things you should bring with you and a few tuning tips you should keep in mind before you hit the snow.

When packing for spring skiing, make sure you add a shell instead of a heavy coat, lighter gloves, dark goggles, and sunscreen to your list of items to put in your suitcase.The shell and light gloves¬†will make your skiing/boarding experience much more comfortable and will keep you from overheating during the day. chromeThe dark goggles will protect you from the glare off the snow. Grab a pair of black/grey tinted goggles with a chrome mirrored lens for best results. As for the sunscreen, well, you probably shouldn’t walk into the office with an outrageous goggle tan around your eyes. Take some with you on the mountain and apply generously.goggle tan

It’s important to keep p maintenance on your skis, even for spring skiing. If you haven’t had your skis waxed in a while, make sure you stop into a ski shop (like The Skier’s Edge) and do so! Ski shops will have wax ready for the warmer temperatures and the ski technicians will have a better idea of what the snow is like up at the mountain-slushy, packed, icy…etc. Also be sure to take your skis in and have them waxed if your hanging them up for the year. This way they won’t dry out over the summer.

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