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White Mountain Weather Update

A good storm finally came through the White Mountains and Sunrise Park Resort! We have snow cover of a few inches here in town and we’re expecting snow and chilly weather throughout the day. Sunrise received 17 inches of snow overnight and they’re expecting at least another 3 inches within a 24 hour period.The current temp in town is about 33 degrees It was 22 degrees at 6a.m. up at Sunrise.sunrise 3.2.14

road to sunrise 3.2.14

If you’re heading up to Sunrise today, make sure you have a face mask, thick socks, sturdy gloves, chapstick, and good GOGGLES instead of sunglasses. The snow and wind won’t feel so good on your eyes.

We’re expecting the weather to start warming back up within the next couple of days, so make sure you get in all the skiing you can ASAP! Remember: think snow!

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