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Protect Your Dome With Our Helmets!

So you forgot your helmet while packing for your ski trip, did you? If so, be sure you stop into the Skier’s Edge! We can help you protect that head of yours on the slopes. We have many styles of helmets to choose from including Ride, Scott, and Lucky Bums. We carry both kid and adult helmets and our kid’s helmets are on sale for $40.00 right now! With a deal like that, you might WANT to leave your family’s old helmets behind.kid helmets

Most of our helmets have detachable ear pieces and photohelmet liners. Some people prefer this because they like throwing a beanie underneath the helmet for more comfort. All of our helmets are ventilated in the front, top, back, or all three areas. This will help cool your dome on warm ski days.

Many of the helmets we carry are adjustable in the back. This feature is beneficial for a couple of reasons. One, it makes it much easier to put on over a beanie, and two, it will make the helmet fit more comfortably and securely on your head since you can tighten it or loosen it very easily. Our Lucky Bums Kid’s Sport helmet has the adjustment feature as well as our adult Ride Gonzo helmets.images

All of the helmets we carry have goggle strap holders on the back of the helmet to keep your goggles safe if you fall.

Our helmets available for purchase run between $40 (for kids) and $85 (adults). We also rent out helmets for just $10/day!

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