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Stinky Boots

Do your boots stink when you get home from the slopes? Are you afraid to do anything about it because you don’t want to ruin those nice expensive boots? Fear no more! We will provide you with the answers to your stinky boot problem.

The first thing you need to do with your boots is pull out the liners. This will help with the drying process and will keep your boots from molding underneath the liner.

The next step to treat your stinky boot problem is to take Lysol AND Febreze and spray both the liner and the inside of the boot. The Lysol will help disinfect and the Febreze will get rid of that nasty foot odor smell.

imgresThe last and most important step is to DRY YOUR BOOTS! You can use a plug-in dryer made specifically for drying board and ski boots. If you can’t afford boot dryers you can always use a hair dryer with a PVC pipe attachment. Make sure to dry both the liner and the inside of the boot. This will help keep them from stinking and will make them more comfortable if you’re hitting the mountain for more than one day.boot dryer

Now you can go out and enjoy your fresh clean boots! Just remember to do this process after each ski session!

P.S. We sell boot dryers here at The Skier’s Edge for $40.00!

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