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GPS goggles from Zeal… Are you Ready?

Have you heard? There’s a GPS goggle in town from Zeal Optics! Everyone here at The Skier’s Edge have agreed they’re pretty awesome and we think you should be made aware of how awesome they truly are.

We’ll start off with the basics. zealThe Zeal GPS goggle has a screen located on the bottom right-hand side of the lens inside the goggle. This screen will take you through the different features the goggle has. What features are those you ask? Well here’s a list.

The Zeal GPS goggle has the ability to:

-Gauge your speed

-Show you the temperature

-Track the distance you’ve gone throughout the day

-Show you how much air you caught on that last jump

-Give you your location on the mountain

-Show you how many runs you’ve hit that day

-Notify you when you get a text message or call on your phone

and much more.

The Zeal GPS goggle is helmet compatible, won’t fog up on you, and has an impact resistant frame.images It’s controlled with a remote you Velcro onto your wrist, much like a watch, for easy access. Aslo,the lens is polarized and allows for 100% UV protection. Last, the Zeal GPS goggle is Bluetooth compatible! Now if this doesn’t sound like an awesome goggle to you, I don’t know what does. If you would like to learn more about the GPS goggle from Zeal, visit their website at http://www.zealoptics.com/shop/goggles.html/ where you’ll find their GPS goggles, their HD Camera Goggles (which we carry here at The Skier’s Edge) and much more!

zeal goggleP.S. These bad boys run between $299-$599! It’s worth it though!

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