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Burn Off Those Holiday Calories!

It’s easy for everyone to overeat during the holidays. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas, and New Year’s, we sometimes forget to watch what we eat. Luckily, there are answers to burning those calories off that don’t involve going to the gym. In fact, the whole family can join in on these activities! Are you ready for them? They are cross country skiing and snowshoeing! cross country skiing 12.30.13That’s right! Adults can burn around five-hundred and fifty calories while snowshoeing and seven-hundred while cross country skiing! Kids weighing around seventy pounds can burn around two-hundred calories during either of these activities. The best part about these activities is that you can do them almost anywhere, weather permitting of course. Visit your local sports shop and ask for maps that show the hiking trails in the area. These help in the planning of a cross country skiing adventure! snowshoeing 12.30.13

Snowshoes are more versatile than cross country skis because you can walk just about anywhere. The whole family can take these out if you’re not looking to stay on any specific trails. Either way you’re sure to have a good time and burn a few calories no matter which sport you choose!

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