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Ski Tuning Tips

blog guy tuning skis 12.28.13When should you tune your skis?

Customers frequently ask how often they should get their skis tuned. Truthfully, it depends on how often you ski. If you only ski three or four times a year, then you should get a full tune right before the first day you hit the slopes and again after your last day. If you’re lucky and you get to ski several days throughout the season, you should take them to a shop and get a quick tune often. You’ll usually want to get a quick tune instead of a full tune during the season. This includes getting your edges sharpened, getting small scratches buffed out, and having a fresh wax put on. A quick tune will help your skis stay in good condition until the end of the season. Be sure to take your skis into a shop right away if they are badly damaged. Your skis could become irreparable if you wait too long to get a core shot filled or an edge fixed.

blog swix 12.28.13How often should you wax your skis?

You can get your skis waxed every time you go skiing if you want. You will most likely get the best wax if you take your skis to a shop. Shops have waxes for different temperatures and the technicians will know what is best to use to get the slickest ski. A harder wax is used for colder days and a softer wax is used for warmer days. A liquid wax is recommended if you’re going to d.i.y. It’s quick, easy, and can be put on right before you hit that first run. Be sure to get a thick coat of wax put on at the end of the season when you take your skis in to get a full tune. This will protect the ski in storage and from the heat throughout the summer.

Care and Maintenance
It’s important to wipe down your skis when you get home if you stored them in a ski rack on your car. The salt from the road in the wintertime can damage the ski if it’s left on there for too long. After you get home and you’ve wiped off your skis DO NOT store them in your ski bag if the bag or skis are wet! This will cause the edges of your skis to rust and you might not be able to get them repaired to working condition. Make sure you dry, clean, and buckle your boots when you store them. This will keep them in better condition for your next ski trip or for the next season.

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