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Tint of Your Goggle Lenses

When we shop for goggles, we often base our purchase on how cool the designs are, how easily we can change the lens, and how much it costs. Most of us, however, never ask why the lenses are different tints and whether it’s important to spend a little extra on goggles that come with two interchangeable lenses instead of one.

To answer the second question, yes, it’s probably going to be better in the long run if you purchase goggles with two interchangeable lenses. This way you can have one pair of goggles for multiple ski conditions. Here is an explanation as to why this is better and what the different colors of lens tints do for you.

amber tint

We’ll just talk about the four main colors of lenses for now. The first is an Amber or Brown lens. Amber/Brown lenses are best for medium light skiing because they help to filter out blue light. This makes shadows in the snow appear brighter, provides better contrast, and allows you to see upcoming moguls. Amber/Brown lenses are best for overcast or grey days.

rose tintNext in line is the Rose or Pink tint lens. Rose/Pink lenses work well in flat light conditions because they help enhance depth perception and sharpen features. Rose/Pink tint lenses also work well for night skiing because the artificial lighting on the slopes tends to be very flat. A Rose/Pink tint isn’t a good choice for an all-purpose lens because it offers little to no protection in bright light conditions.

grey tintThe third tint color we’ll cover is the Black or Grey tinted lens. Black/Grey lenses are popular because they offer the best protection on bright sunny days. The darker tint will filter out most of the sunlight, which is perfect for fighting against the glare that reflects off the snow. The only downside to a Black/Grey tinted lens is that it can be difficult to determine depth and terrain variances on overcast days.

clear tint

The last lens we’ll discuss is the Clear lens. Obviously, Clear lenses are best suited for extremely low lit conditions. They’re designed to allow maximum light penetration, which gives contrast to dark areas on the snow and increases visibility. A Clear lens is best for frequent night skiers.


For more information on lens tints, visit http://www.skis.com/Buying-Guide-for-Ski-Goggles/buying-guide-3-4-2013,default,pg.html#GoggleLenses

Demo Days at Sunrise

Sunrise Park Resort will be hosting their annual Demo Days on Wednesday, February 26th! Don’t miss the chance to get up to Sunrise Park and demo NEW equipment from companies like Salomon, Spy, HEAD, Marker, Rossignol, Atomic, and many more!demo days

Here are the rules. You MUST register with the Sunrise Guest Services Office in order to participate. There is also a $10 fee for the public, which will be donated to the White Mountain Apache Tribe Charity. Then you must  provide a VALID driver’s license and credit card at the time of registration. You won’t be able to take out the equipment unless you do so. Once you have completed these steps you’ll receive a Demo Days Badge, which you will give to the company reps who’s equipment you’re interested in trying.

Don’t miss out on a day of fun!

For more info, visit http://sunriseskiparkaz.com/winter/calendar-of-events or call 855-735-7669!

Protect Your Dome With Our Helmets!

So you forgot your helmet while packing for your ski trip, did you? If so, be sure you stop into the Skier’s Edge! We can help you protect that head of yours on the slopes. We have many styles of helmets to choose from including Ride, Scott, and Lucky Bums. We carry both kid and adult helmets and our kid’s helmets are on sale for $40.00 right now! With a deal like that, you might WANT to leave your family’s old helmets behind.kid helmets

Most of our helmets have detachable ear pieces and photohelmet liners. Some people prefer this because they like throwing a beanie underneath the helmet for more comfort. All of our helmets are ventilated in the front, top, back, or all three areas. This will help cool your dome on warm ski days.

Many of the helmets we carry are adjustable in the back. This feature is beneficial for a couple of reasons. One, it makes it much easier to put on over a beanie, and two, it will make the helmet fit more comfortably and securely on your head since you can tighten it or loosen it very easily. Our Lucky Bums Kid’s Sport helmet has the adjustment feature as well as our adult Ride Gonzo helmets.images

All of the helmets we carry have goggle strap holders on the back of the helmet to keep your goggles safe if you fall.

Our helmets available for purchase run between $40 (for kids) and $85 (adults). We also rent out helmets for just $10/day!

Twin Tip Skis

We have great deals on two sets of K2 twin tip skis here at the shop! Whether you want to break them in this season or keep them fresh until next year, now is the time to buy!


We have two sets of K2 Press twin tip skis WITH BINDINGS for only $299! The skis on the left are 169cm and the skis on the right are 179cm.up close Hurry in and grab these guys! You can also call us at 928-367-6200 for more info!

K2 sideways

Rodeo Weekend Ski Conditions

Everyone here at The Skier’s Edge wants you to have an awesome weekend up at the mountain and we’d like to help you with that by giving you the most recent Sunrise Park Resort Ski Report.

snow conditions

Temperatures have been in the high 40′s and lower 50′s in Pinetop this week. Sunrise stays a bit cooler since their elevation is higher. They still have a 31 inch base, so you don’t have to worry about hitting anything too rough. The low temperatures overnight are keeping the snow firm. They have also been keeping many runs well-groomed, so you don’t have to worry about ice or crusty patches in most areas. To the right is an updated list of the runs they’re keeping groomed.

Sunrise will also be open for night skiing on Saturday, February 15th if you couldn’t get enough of the mountain during the day! Night skiing is from 4:30 p.m-9:00 p.m. and includes a torch light parade down Sunrise Mountain.

Quick note: If you’re renting from The Skier’s Edge and would like to go night skiing on Saturday, you can keep our equipment for the night free of charge! Just bring it back by 9:00 a.m. the next morning if you’re done skiing for the weekend.

We hope to see you soon!

Tucson Rodeo Vacation!

Start gearing up to come stay in the White Mountains this weekend for Rodeo Week! There’s plenty of snow up at Sunrise Park Resort right now and it should last through Rodeo Weekend! This past week Sunrise received 20 inches of snow on top of the 20 inches they had prior to the most recent storm.


Temperatures have been a little warm here in town, but it’s been pretty comfortable up at Sunrise. The blue and green runs have been well maintained, with groomers keeping the snow in good condition. Sunrise and Apache Peak are 100% open and Cyclone is 90% open.

If you’re coming up this weekend and you’re worried about the shops running out of equipment for you and your family, you can always call in your reservation to The Skier’s Edge at 1800-231-3831 or 928-367-6200. You can also make a reservation online through our website! Just go to skiersedgepinetop.com, click on “Rental Reservations” up at the top, and fill out our online form. Once we receive your reservation we’ll send you a thank-you email confirming your reservation! It’s quick, easy, and will ensure that you get the equipment you need when you stop in our shop. Make a reservation with us by Saturday, Feb. 15th and receive 10% off your rentals!1521377_476543342457122_2112995942_n

Gear up for the slopes here at The Skier’s Edge. We have the largest clothing selection out of all the ski shops on the mountain with brands like Columbia, Mountain Hardware, Obermeyer, Scott, Ride, Turbine, and many more. We make it convenient for you because we are your one stop shop for rentals and clothing! Stop in and we’ll be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for.
shop with snow 12.21.13We’re located at 560 W. White Mountain Blvd. Pinetop, AZ. 85935 between Blue Ridge High School and Safeway on the left-hand side of the road (if you’re coming up through (Show Low).


So many signs!

If you’re brand new to skiing/ boarding and have no idea what all the little symbols at the bottom of the map are for, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are many different symbols you’ll need to learn throughout your skiing experience.

The first symbol you should know is the green circle. greenThis means you’re on the easiest runs on the mountain. At this level you’ll be learning the basics of skiing/boarding, such as stopping, turning, and gaining your balance. Most green runs are groomed and soft. Some resorts rate their runs with either one or two green circles. It all depends on the elevation and slope of the runs. For example, Sunrise Park resort rates their runs with one green circle, while Telluride rates theirs with one or two.

The second symbol you’ll need to know is the blue square, which means you’re on the higher level beginner/intermediate runs.


On these runs you should be able turn, control your speed, and stop comfortably. Some blue runs are groomed, some are harder packed and bumpy. You shouldn’t move to this level unless you’re completely comfortable on your skis/board. Sunrise Park Resort marks all of their intermediate trails with one blue square.

The third symbols you need to know about are the black diamond and double black diamond.

black diamond2 black diamonds

It’s helpful to know these symbols right off the bat. You really don’t want to end up going down a black by accident when you’re still working on greens or blues. If you’re skiing black runs you’re able to adjust to any type of terrain and maintain control. You’ll want to start out on the easier runs if you’re visiting a new resort, even if you’re a great skier.

Know Your Waxes

There’s a lot to learn when you first start skiing or boarding. You have to find out what length you like best, whether you prefer a certain brand over another, how to use your bindings…the list goes on and on. There does, however, seem to be one important thing people tend to forget or not know about when they’re thinking about skiing/boarding and that’s wax!

Wax is important for speed, control, turning, and protection of the equipment. There are a few different types of wax out there. There’s a liquid puck wax, which comes in a small bottle and is applied with a sponge (sponge is generally included with the wax).

liquidIt can be applied minutes before you go skiing/boarding. Simply apply 6-8 drops of liquid wax onto the sponge and rub it onto the base of your ski/board and that’s it! There’s no need to scrape off your old wax before you apply the liquid wax. We carry liquid wax here at The Skier’s Edge for just $18.00!

The second type of wax you should know about is a glide wax.


This wax is applied quite differently than the liquid wax. First, you must scrape off the old wax with a scraper. You can pick up a scraper at your local ski shop (The Skier’s Edge) for around $10-15 bucks. Next you need to use a brass brush to thoroughly clean the base. This will open the structure of the ski, making it more receptive to the new wax. After the base is clean you can apply new wax. Make sure you cover the entire base and let the ski/board sit for about ten minutes to let the wax dry. When it’s dry take your scraper and scrape the wax to a thin coat. Brush the wax again to open up the structure and wallah! you’re ready for the mountain. You can get this wax done at a ski shop for $5 or d.i.y. before you head to the slopes for the day.


The last type of wax you should know about is the iron on wax. You can do this yourself at home the night before you go skiing/boarding. Scrape off the old wax with a scraper. Take a piece of hard wax and rub it onto the base. Next hold the wax over the base and drip it over the ski. You can use a lighter to melt the wax. Then take your iron (irons cost about $90) and run it over the base to make sure you cover the entire surface. When you’re done ironing just let the ski/board sit for about 5 minutes. Last, scrape all the excess wax off the base and you’re good to go!

If you need scrapers, wax, or an iron you can come into the Skier’s Edge and pick up everything you need!