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What is GORE-TEX®?

You may have seen the GORE-TEX® tag on clothing,shoes, and gloves, but do you know what GORE-TEX® is and how it works? GORE-TEX® is a waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric. At the heart of GORE-TEX® is an extremely thin membrane, also waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This membrane has over nine billion pores per square inch! The GORE-TEX® fabric and membrane are bonded between high performance lining and shell textiles. Since every stitch in a seam can cause a potential leak, GORE-TEX® has a team of specially trained manufacturers in certified factories to apply GORE-SEAM®. This provides customers with a durable, waterproof product. 6a00d8341cbf9a53ef014e898abd8e970d-800wi
45_c01cf3d9e29b6e8c4128fcf05b0778fe-235x300GORE-TEX® helps keep the body warm by keeping you dry. “Wet fabrics conduct 3 times more heat than dry fabrics, robbing your body of warmth. By keeping water out, the waterproof clothing system prevents this heat loss. As a result, you stay dry and comfortable during extended use and in harsh conditions” (GORE-TEX®, 2014).

GORE-TEX® fabric is breathable and keeps you dry. If you have sweaty hands for example, GORE-TEX® technology will allow the moisture from your hands to evaporate through the glove while keeping the moisture from the snow out. Remember, the membrane has over nine billion pore per square inch!

GORE-TEX® also offers a guarantee on their products. If you’re not completely satisfied with the features of your product, the company will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price!

Come in to The Skier’s Edge and check out our GORE-TEX® gloves for men and women!

Read more about GORE-TEX® technology here: https://www.gore-tex.com/remote/Satellite/content/our-fabrics#!

Olympic News

Today’s blog is dedicated to Mikaela Shiffrin, who recently won her sixth Audi FIS (International Ski Federation) Alpine Cup on January 5th at the age of eighteen. mikaela

Born on March 13th 1995 in Vail Colorado, Mikaela has been skiing since she could walk. She began competing in FIS as soon as she met the minimum age requirement of fifteen.

At fifteen she won two Nor-Am slalom races (timed downhill ski races with flag markers) in Canada. It was only the eighth FIS race she had ever been in!


Mikaela won her first World Cup at age seventeen in Sweden, making her the second youngest American, next to Judy Nagel, to win the alpine World Cup.

Mikaela is also the second youngest woman to make the slalom all-time list with six wins, next to Tamara McKinney, who currently has nine wins.

Mikaela Shiffrin wins the  World Cup! Watch it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI7NegWhwqE

For more info on Mikaela Shiffrin, check out http://ussa.org/news/shiffrin-wins-career-sixth-slalom or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikaela_Shiffrin#Early_years

Sunrise is Still Up and Running!

It’s unfortunate that we’ve had a pretty dry winter this year. With only one big snow storm under our belts, there’s been some skepticism about the ski resorts and whether it’s even worth the hassle to go skiing at all. However, Sunrise Park Resort actually has some pretty decent snow! It stays cold at night, which keeps the snow from getting slushy by 11 a.m. It’s also been cloudy the last week and that’s been keeping the snow from melting and freezing. They have also been breaking out the snow machines every night and have kept the bigger main runs groomed and free of debris!

No Name and Spirit Trail on the Sunrise mountain are the best right now. Nastar is a bit icy in some spots, but it’s certainly still ski-able. All of the lower runs like Fairway, Apache Pass, and Spruce Ridge are well groomed and make for an easy ride. Crown Dancer is thin and should be skied with caution as well as Rustler and Superstition. Arrowhead is currently closed.

Apache is great! Wikieup is groomed and there isn’t a bare patch on the entire run. Red Valley is just as good as Wikieup. Elk Horn and Young girl are icy in some spots, but the cover is decent. Lupe’s Rainbow is icy and should be skied with caution!

Cyclone is a little different from the other two mountains. The easier blue and green runs are going to be much smoother than the blacks. There is more risk with hitting rocks, stumps…etc. on the black runs now than before. Luckily ski patrol has it under control and they have blocked off any runs they have deemed unsafe.

If you’re still unsure whether you want to make the trip to Sunrise you can call Sunrise for the conditions at 855-735-7669. You can also call us at 928-367-6200. Our employees try to make it up to the mountain no matter what the conditions are and we’re always willing to tell you about our adventures on the slopes!

What to Take on a Ski Vacation

Are you packing for your next big ski trip? Are you overwhelmed because you have no idea what you should and shouldn’t take? Worry no more! Here is an organized list of clothing, equipment, and accessories you should take with you on your trip.

Clothing note: Check and make sure everything fits before you head out! You don’t want to be uncomfortable on the mountain the entire day.

  • Jacket
  • coatsPants
  • 2-4 pairs of ski/board socks
  • a beanie or two or a headband
  • goggles
  • 1-2 pairs of gloves and liners
  • thermals
  • face mask/neck warmer (in case it gets cold)
  • pajama pants (you’ll want to be comfortable after a long day on the slopes)
  • sunglassesbeanie
  • helmet
  • boots


  • skis/board
  • bindings
  • poles
  • ski/board bag
  • board leash
  • pocket lock
  • ski strapspocket lock
  • wrist guards (for boarders)
  • boots again because everyone always seems to forget their boots in the excitement
  • backpack


  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • an anti-fog cloth for your goggles (unless you have awesome goggles)
  • ibuprofen
  • ipod or phone
  • headphones
  • boot dryers (handy if you’re going for a few days)
  • driver’s license
  • imgrespasses (if previously bought)
  • pass holder
  • snowboard tool

Now you should be ready for your trip to the slopes! Have fun!

Thanks to the powderhounds.com website! For more info on what you should take on a ski trip, or any trip for that matter, visit http://www.powderhounds.com/site/defaultsite/filesystem/documents/trailmaps/things_to_pack.pdf

Snow Superstitions


Are you ready for it to snow, but mother nature isn’t? We sure are ready here at The Skier’s Edge!

Here are 10 superstitions to make it happen:

1. Put your PJ’s on inside out and backwards

2. Throw ice cubes out the window

3. Yell “Snow Day” into the freezer

4. Put a penny under your pillowSnowman

5. Put a white crayon on every windowsill in your house

6. Run around your dining room 12 times

7. Put a spoon under your bed

8.Drink root beer the night before with a straw

9.Wear a colored sock on your left foot but not on the right

10. Go outside in your inside out backwards PJ’s and do a snow dance! Have everyone join in! The more dancers, the stronger the force!

Take your shorts off… and put some pants on! Make sure you keep your shorts hidden in a drawer somewhere! Superstition says if you wear shorts you’re going to scare the snow and keep it from visiting us! Help us bring on a snow day!

Stinky Boots

Do your boots stink when you get home from the slopes? Are you afraid to do anything about it because you don’t want to ruin those nice expensive boots? Fear no more! We will provide you with the answers to your stinky boot problem.

The first thing you need to do with your boots is pull out the liners. This will help with the drying process and will keep your boots from molding underneath the liner.

The next step to treat your stinky boot problem is to take Lysol AND Febreze and spray both the liner and the inside of the boot. The Lysol will help disinfect and the Febreze will get rid of that nasty foot odor smell.

imgresThe last and most important step is to DRY YOUR BOOTS! You can use a plug-in dryer made specifically for drying board and ski boots. If you can’t afford boot dryers you can always use a hair dryer with a PVC pipe attachment. Make sure to dry both the liner and the inside of the boot. This will help keep them from stinking and will make them more comfortable if you’re hitting the mountain for more than one day.boot dryer

Now you can go out and enjoy your fresh clean boots! Just remember to do this process after each ski session!

P.S. We sell boot dryers here at The Skier’s Edge for $40.00!

Pre-Season Workouts for Snowboarders

boarderHave you ever gone snowboarding and felt so sore the next day that you didn’t want to get out of bed? If not, consider yourself lucky. If you have then this is the blog for you. Snowboarding is a very physical sport and should be treated it as such. You’ll want to start conditioning your body two to three months prior to your first day on the slopes in order to avoid injuries and sore muscles. Here are a few things you can do to make that first day on the slopes a whole lot easier on your body.

First, get in some cardio. You can choose anything from running and hiking to jumping rope. A cardio workout will help you with your stamina and you’ll be able to board all day instead of getting tired at lunchtime. Do a cardio workout at least three times a week for thirty minutes and you should be able to board the entire day.

Next, work on those abs with some good old-fashioned sit-ups. This will help you get from a sitting position to a standing position on your board without wearing yourself out. There is no limit on how many sit-ups you need to be doing. 30-50 a day is a good range, but you can do as many as you please.
calf raises
Calf raises are another great way to prep your body for boarding. Your calves play an important roll in snowboarding because they help you turn and stop. Again, you can do as many of these as you want, but thirty of these three times a day will make your boarding experience a whole lot easier.

wall squats


Last, you’ll want to strengthen your thighs and back. This will help with carving and keep your thigh muscles from burning at the end of a run. You can do wall squats to strengthen both your back and thigh muscles at the same time. Lean against a wall and position your knees at a ninety degree angle with your body Keep your back straight with the wall. The longer you can hold this position, the better. Try holding it for one minute and work your way up from there.

Note: Be sure to stretch before you get on the lift to prevent muscle stiffness. That’s it! You’re ready to go boarding!




GPS goggles from Zeal… Are you Ready?

Have you heard? There’s a GPS goggle in town from Zeal Optics! Everyone here at The Skier’s Edge have agreed they’re pretty awesome and we think you should be made aware of how awesome they truly are.

We’ll start off with the basics. zealThe Zeal GPS goggle has a screen located on the bottom right-hand side of the lens inside the goggle. This screen will take you through the different features the goggle has. What features are those you ask? Well here’s a list.

The Zeal GPS goggle has the ability to:

-Gauge your speed

-Show you the temperature

-Track the distance you’ve gone throughout the day

-Show you how much air you caught on that last jump

-Give you your location on the mountain

-Show you how many runs you’ve hit that day

-Notify you when you get a text message or call on your phone

and much more.

The Zeal GPS goggle is helmet compatible, won’t fog up on you, and has an impact resistant frame.images It’s controlled with a remote you Velcro onto your wrist, much like a watch, for easy access. Aslo,the lens is polarized and allows for 100% UV protection. Last, the Zeal GPS goggle is Bluetooth compatible! Now if this doesn’t sound like an awesome goggle to you, I don’t know what does. If you would like to learn more about the GPS goggle from Zeal, visit their website at http://www.zealoptics.com/shop/goggles.html/ where you’ll find their GPS goggles, their HD Camera Goggles (which we carry here at The Skier’s Edge) and much more!

zeal goggleP.S. These bad boys run between $299-$599! It’s worth it though!