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Tint of Your Goggle Lenses

When we shop for goggles, we often base our purchase on how cool the designs are, how easily we can change the lens, and how much it costs. Most of us, however, never ask why the lenses are different tints and whether it’s important to spend a little extra on goggles that come with two interchangeable lenses instead of one.

To answer the second question, yes, it’s probably going to be better in the long run if you purchase goggles with two interchangeable lenses. This way you can have one pair of goggles for multiple ski conditions. Here is an explanation as to why this is better and what the different colors of lens tints do for you.

amber tint

We’ll just talk about the four main colors of lenses for now. The first is an Amber or Brown lens. Amber/Brown lenses are best for medium light skiing because they help to filter out blue light. This makes shadows in the snow appear brighter, provides better contrast, and allows you to see upcoming moguls. Amber/Brown lenses are best for overcast or grey days.

rose tintNext in line is the Rose or Pink tint lens. Rose/Pink lenses work well in flat light conditions because they help enhance depth perception and sharpen features. Rose/Pink tint lenses also work well for night skiing because the artificial lighting on the slopes tends to be very flat. A Rose/Pink tint isn’t a good choice for an all-purpose lens because it offers little to no protection in bright light conditions.

grey tintThe third tint color we’ll cover is the Black or Grey tinted lens. Black/Grey lenses are popular because they offer the best protection on bright sunny days. The darker tint will filter out most of the sunlight, which is perfect for fighting against the glare that reflects off the snow. The only downside to a Black/Grey tinted lens is that it can be difficult to determine depth and terrain variances on overcast days.

clear tint

The last lens we’ll discuss is the Clear lens. Obviously, Clear lenses are best suited for extremely low lit conditions. They’re designed to allow maximum light penetration, which gives contrast to dark areas on the snow and increases visibility. A Clear lens is best for frequent night skiers.


For more information on lens tints, visit http://www.skis.com/Buying-Guide-for-Ski-Goggles/buying-guide-3-4-2013,default,pg.html#GoggleLenses

Protect Your Dome With Our Helmets!

So you forgot your helmet while packing for your ski trip, did you? If so, be sure you stop into the Skier’s Edge! We can help you protect that head of yours on the slopes. We have many styles of helmets to choose from including Ride, Scott, and Lucky Bums. We carry both kid and adult helmets and our kid’s helmets are on sale for $40.00 right now! With a deal like that, you might WANT to leave your family’s old helmets behind.kid helmets

Most of our helmets have detachable ear pieces and photohelmet liners. Some people prefer this because they like throwing a beanie underneath the helmet for more comfort. All of our helmets are ventilated in the front, top, back, or all three areas. This will help cool your dome on warm ski days.

Many of the helmets we carry are adjustable in the back. This feature is beneficial for a couple of reasons. One, it makes it much easier to put on over a beanie, and two, it will make the helmet fit more comfortably and securely on your head since you can tighten it or loosen it very easily. Our Lucky Bums Kid’s Sport helmet has the adjustment feature as well as our adult Ride Gonzo helmets.images

All of the helmets we carry have goggle strap holders on the back of the helmet to keep your goggles safe if you fall.

Our helmets available for purchase run between $40 (for kids) and $85 (adults). We also rent out helmets for just $10/day!

What is GORE-TEX®?

You may have seen the GORE-TEX® tag on clothing,shoes, and gloves, but do you know what GORE-TEX® is and how it works? GORE-TEX® is a waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric. At the heart of GORE-TEX® is an extremely thin membrane, also waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This membrane has over nine billion pores per square inch! The GORE-TEX® fabric and membrane are bonded between high performance lining and shell textiles. Since every stitch in a seam can cause a potential leak, GORE-TEX® has a team of specially trained manufacturers in certified factories to apply GORE-SEAM®. This provides customers with a durable, waterproof product. 6a00d8341cbf9a53ef014e898abd8e970d-800wi
45_c01cf3d9e29b6e8c4128fcf05b0778fe-235x300GORE-TEX® helps keep the body warm by keeping you dry. “Wet fabrics conduct 3 times more heat than dry fabrics, robbing your body of warmth. By keeping water out, the waterproof clothing system prevents this heat loss. As a result, you stay dry and comfortable during extended use and in harsh conditions” (GORE-TEX®, 2014).

GORE-TEX® fabric is breathable and keeps you dry. If you have sweaty hands for example, GORE-TEX® technology will allow the moisture from your hands to evaporate through the glove while keeping the moisture from the snow out. Remember, the membrane has over nine billion pore per square inch!

GORE-TEX® also offers a guarantee on their products. If you’re not completely satisfied with the features of your product, the company will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price!

Come in to The Skier’s Edge and check out our GORE-TEX® gloves for men and women!

Read more about GORE-TEX® technology here: https://www.gore-tex.com/remote/Satellite/content/our-fabrics#!